Saturday, January 26


So this blog is turning into somewhat of a personal diary for me. Don't mind my rambles and rants :) I guess it's better than eating...out of boredom and stress! hehe!

So last nite was book was at my house for my book called "Blink". It sucked! haha! No one, except me, finished the book. And it even annoyed me greatly while I finished it! Needless to say, do not read this book! hehe! Too repetitive and boring. And I ate alot of foods and snacks so today is back on track. So far so good :) And I'm feeling upbeat and positive so it should be a smooth day. Most of the girls left a bunch of junk food at my house last nite but I threw most of it in the garbage so that helps. The other stuff, I will send to my mother for her to snack on :) Share the goodness! Not hoard it! hehe!

And tomorrow I've decided to go for a run. Maybe 3 times a week. But this time, I will not allow myself to neglect my diet diary and I will continue to write everything down so that I am aware of all that is going into my body. I just feel like I need to get some exercise with this cold winter lagging and with me becoming too obsessive about things because I am just not efficiently getting rid of my excess energy.

So that's it for today. It's just me and my booboo today and spending some quality time with her. She's such a sweetie, my little girl :)

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