Tuesday, January 29


That was fast...Jody worked on the sauna last nite for just over half an hour and the outside is nearly done! He just needs to put up the ceiling!!

That was just amazingly fast and easy! Well so far anyways...now he has to also put in the floors which will take a bit of cutting. And also the benches and the stove and get an electrician to hook up the stove to the fuse box.

We are also missing some lumber accessory pieces which kinda sucks; there are no back rests (for behind the benches) and a few other odds and ends are missing too...but hopefully we can still use the sauna while we wait for those. And hopefully the guy we bought it from will ship them to us!! He better!! I'm still waiting to hear back from him...oh. he's just emailed me back and will take responsibility! Yah! He's gonna get my full reccommendations and praise!!

So it's getting closer...and a sauna would be ideal this week seeing as it's fricken gonna be -40 all week! ugh!! Did I say this already....?! Sorry, it's just so utterly cold, I just don't think I'm used to it yet. No...I just don't think I will EVER get used to it being this cold!! Blasted winter!

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