Friday, January 25

Just what I needed!!

Oh my spirits have just been lifted!

My supervisor just came into my office and asked if I'd be free for a trip north to the 'big' city for a few days on Feb. 4 and 5th for a work obligation...HELL YES!! hehe! Get me OUT of this hell-hole for even just two days!! PLEASE!!! lol!

Yes, it's colder up there but frick...they have a mall! They have a Walmart! And this cool little jewellery store! teehee!

I think I've been needing to get out of town for some time...realistically and for the sake of my sanity I really should plan to get out of town every two months. But lord knows that that costs money. And I'm on a budget. But thank my lucky stars that work sometimes has these opportunities for me every now and again.

YAY!! I'm going to the big city!!! :D

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Kate said...


Hahahahahaaaaaaa, you're cute!