Wednesday, January 30


The sauna is ALMOST done!! Whooo! Jody is just finishing up putting the cork floor in today! The walls, the ceiling is up and done! Just the benches and stove next!!

On a different note, regarding my masters degree...I just got word that I am no longer needed for my initial research topic. They already did or are doing the analyses...oh well, I guess that is what happens when you carry on with life in another direction. Of course I am disappointed but no sense in getting all depressed about it...either way it has to get done and I'm sure someone out there requires some sort of help with their data. So I'm pondering about my other options, some controversial (long story), some simple and some more complex in terms of means and length. I'd prefer to get this degree done with as soon as possible so am going to probably go for the controversial and simple means before turning to the more time consuming research idea that I have.

Can't remember if I mentioned this on a previous post but I'm probably going to be attending three courses at the university this spring/summer. Each course is only about a week long, very condensed and therefore very intense but the main thing right now, is that this speeds up my degree. And atleast they are all meaningful courses; 1) GIS in Watershed Management, 2) Project Management and 3) GIS and Forest Ecology. Hopefully things go well: I'm still working on logistical and financial details...

On a third and non-related note: I feel happier this week. Much happier. I realized that last week I was super PMSing and didn't even realize it. And a little bit of physical exercise helps too...I love having a treadmill, especially in winter!

And finally, another week of -45C...basically for the remainder of this week too. Whoohoo, I'm feeling the chill, no doubt! Then I'm off on a business trip, Sunday nite, to the 'big' city for 2 days of meetings. It will probably be colder up there but it will be nice getting a few café latté's to help ease the chill. And of course visit some old friends too :)

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