Tuesday, January 22

Three times a charm!

Wow, three postings in one day...
After, what...three months of non-posting?! geesh...

You know you're bored and having a hard time when:
  • work is currently shit (no, not the shit)
  • food is a constant struggle and acting like your enemy
  • husband is being a stupid, retarded baby worse than your 16 month old toddler!
  • toddler is being very demanding (on the plus side, not as bad as the husband)
  • there is no sanity-saving sanctuary in my own home (not yet anyhow)
  • it's mother f*#%en cold outside!!! (-40 can suck the fat right off my ass!!)
  • seeking mind-expanding opportunities (my summer grad courses) and all that is involved (travel, food, accommodations, tuition etc etc...!) is going to cost me a f*#%en arm and a leg!!
Fuck sakes.
Tuesdays suck.

1 comment:

Kate said...

Awww... that sounds like you're having a lot on your plate atm... I would say you should start with eating real food again and throw out that bad slim fast stuff! Not good for the nerves!!!