Friday, January 25

Fridays are always so brilliant :)

Ooh I love I live for them!! hehe!

I honestly think it would be much better with only 4 workdays per week. That would mean such a greater balance of work and home life for most people! 4 days of work and a 3 day weekend. That would be so, so very perfect!! People would still get their work done at work and maybe value it a bit more and then would also have more of a precious life at home with their families! Ohhh, if I was Prime Minister!! Look out! I'd create such a ruckus, wouldn't I?! hehe!

So obviously I am feeling much better today. I actually felt like putting on my usual make-up today and looking somewhat presentable...whereas all rest of the week I couldn't seem to care less about how I looked and probably looked like a grunge!

Weight loss is going s-o-o-o slow...but I guess it doesn't help that I weigh myself almost every fricken day! So gotta start doing once a week again so that I can actually 'see' the progress that I know should be happening.

So I have the weekend to myself...well me and my beautiful Booboo (Brooklyn). Gonna probably bake some bread and try to relax and have fun with her. And then when she is off to bed I have got some serious catching up to do with some chick-flicks!! Gotta catch up on some 'me-time'.

And I've been busy rearranging the rooms in my house again...I think it's that winter 'itch' making me do it! hehe! But the house looks better already...I rearranged the living room and the dining room and put up my new beautiful paintings. Last nite, while JD was starting construction on the new sauna, I went and rearranged Brooklyn's bedroom and got a big dresser out of there so now there is a bit more space for her to play and now it is also a bit more child-proofed. And this weekend, my next 'project' is the spare bedroom right across from her room. Gotta get that ready for my sister's family when they come to visit with their baby in May. Lots of time but I just want to get it done. It was done back in November but since then it has become a pack room for all our extra stuff! Just gotta clear it out, unclutter it and incorporate that new big dresser in there somehow since there is no room in our bedroom...or is there?! hehe! Oi, here I go!

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