Thursday, February 21

I need a fibre boost!

Ok, so I've decided to boost my fibre intake for health reasons and to aide in weight this means eating breakfast (oatmeal) again and more veggies and whole grains. Whole grains were never really an issue with me, I just haven't been eating my regular oatmeal breakfasts and veggies either lately.

So my Slim-fast meals/shakes will have to come to an, almost, end. I'll basically use them now only as meals when I don't have time or energy to make or eat anything...or for cheat days when I have Book club (AKA Food/Eat club), like this Saturday, in order to help keep the number of calories down to a minimum.

Yeah, yeah: I told me so too! hehe! You know how it is...after a dreaded Christmas weight gain, I just needed a quick fix to focus on...but I think it kinda screwed up my metabolism a bit since I didn't lose NOT ONE pound!! In fact, gained some!! Anyhow, that could also be attributed to the -40/-50 weather we had that whole month of January and beginning of February...people were saying that your body holds tight onto that fat with temperatures in that extreme. I don't know if I believe it but it would be nice if that was the main reason...however, I'm not waiting around to find out. I know what is sensible and what is not and have come to my senses once again and so I'm going back to my high fibre, solid food and wholesome eating habits. Plus, lately I have not been very 'regular'...and I HATE not being regular. So a simple solution: more fibre. And I've already lost a pound! hehe!

Although, I think the sauna helped with that pound this week; losing water weight and all but the sauna is also a good stress-reliever which, for me, is heaven-sent because I do tend to eat through stressful or boring times...and the sauna gives me something to do and at the same time helps relieve my stress!! How perfect is that?! hehe! Yesterday I curbed a sudden craving for butter-covered popcorn by going into the sauna to relax for a bit and by the time I was done, my craving was gone! Whoo! Just saved myself from 300 unnecessary calories right there!! And my skin has finally started to clear up and feel so nice after feeling so yucky all winter.

And I have also come to terms with the fact that pregnancy REALLY does alter your body composition (like, duh!) clothes will fit differently when you reach a familiar (pre-pregnancy) weight but things are shifted differently and the pre-pregnancy clothes that once fit you comfortably, do not fit so great seeing as you've got a new (well it's old by now!) 'muffin-top'. So I think I freaked out a little when this happened to me last November...I almost got to my pre-pregnancy weight (was like 8 pounds from it) and my jeans fit WAAAY differently still. And so I think I kind of 'gave up' and opted to eat my way through the Christmas holidays rather than practicing moderation.

Currently, even though I'm heavier than that November moment (by 8 pounds; so 16lbs from pre-weight), my jeans almost fit the same as they did then; since my stomach and back fat has gone down a bit more. I's all a part of a learning process that I'm obviously still realizing. And geesh, I hope I realize it faster before having my next kid!! Who wants to go through all this again!? I opt not to!!!

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