Tuesday, February 19

Solutions have arrived!

Phew! That previous post was pretty intense! The fact is, for me, that that post is mainly true...however, my perception makes it EXTREMELY true on such bad days. On these days my mind magnifies these dilemmas. Of course. This is normal considering the weekend I had. But today is different. It's calmer. It's nicer. It's less complicated. Which is nice. Plus I have found two solutions to some of these dilemmas...so YEAH, that makes me feel good!

One solution is (YAYYYY) the sauna is now officially operating!!! The electrician finally got it done and Jody, that sweetheart, made sure of it (yes, I bash him lots but that's just out of frustration and I do realize that he really does do everything he can for me)!! We went in it for the first time last night after Brooklyn went to bed...OH MY GOD! It was AWESOME!!! SOOO relaxing and beautiful!! I woke up this morning feeling exhausted yet well-rested like I do after a tedious run the day before! So I'm sure the sauna will help me calm my mind and my nerves at times of craziness like during the past weekend!! After all, this is why I got it, right!?

Another solution is that I'm going to make up a monthy dinner menu for my family. I just thought of it after I wrote that (crazy) post yesterday! So something good comes out of something so personal and crazy. I am crazy but I have become an anxiety basket-case in the last two years...oh well, new tools for new feelings, right?! Maybe it's a natural part of growing up/old?!

Anyhow, you may be thinking 'how lame' is a monthly dinner menu?! But trust me...the anxiety comes mainly from trying to think too hard about what to cook for Mrs. Picky-eater and Mr. Big-eater for supper time! I nearly have daily panic attacks just trying to figure out something easy that is also tasty and healthy and not the same thing everyday. So I searched online and found this site for moms planning a menu for their family. It comes with a dinner menu and a grocery list and the recipes too! I was skeptical at first but went through the recipes and they are pretty basic and substitutes are easy if I am missing an ingredient. This solution will also help me with my grocery budget and make it more planned so that I don't go off budget. And Jody saw the menu on the counter yesterday and looked at all the dishes and actually told me "that's a really good idea!" And here I thought I was being uptight and anal about it...so I am glad that he thinks it is going to work. It's good to have him on board and I'm happy that if I am out of town or need a break from cooking than he can whip up dinner because the dish and the recipe (and the ingredients) will all be right on the menu! Easy-peasy!!

Anyhow, no one said it would be easy. But things like this make a big difference which, today, I'm pretty happy about.

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