Wednesday, February 13

Minus 6?!

Whoo! That would be a dream come true if the temperature were to reach -6c this weekend!! Right now it is -40c with the wind chill. oh joy. But -6c is what the forecast calls for on Saturday...and if this turns out to be true, I will be singing in the sun and rolling around in the ditches full of snow!! Heee!

On other positive matters: some electrician guy is looking at our sauna as I type RIGHT THIS MINUTE! Hopefully he can whip it up and get it going ASAP!!!! And before the weekend!!!!! Heee!!

We also just found out that Brooklyn is going to be able to go into a dayhome starting in the summer!! Aww, my little girl is growing up soo fast!! But she will finally have some wonderful, new, little friends to play with and a good teacher to look after her during the workdays!!! Heee!!

And lucky for us, the sun is out full force today! It actually has been out a lot more lately; earlier in the day and later too which helps hugely! And so I am thinking that I will have to dust off and bring out my sunglasses once again. The bright, white snow is hard on the eyes when the sun is shining so beautifully! Yayy, spring is arriving!!!! Heee!!

I'm going to celebrate with a nice glass of red wine tonight! hehe!
Oh, I'm so excited by all this goodness that I could just pee! :P

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