Wednesday, February 27

New addiction(s)?!

Let's hope so. This time around, anyhow.

I've discovered that my online shopping habit has profusely declined as of lately...and as such, my budget is breathing a sigh of relief. I think this has to do with a little help from my new beloved sauna. Have I found a new route to relax my everyday bundle of nerves?! I do think so...and I am loving it dearly!

I have also been inclined to drinking tea after dinner to curb any cravings of food that I do not need. After all, night-time snacking (after dinner) is one of my other deadly sins/habits. And plus, there is something about drinking a hot cup of tea to help me relax, especially if it is a non-sauna night.

So two new addictions/habits...?! In this case, I do hope so. I see them as two new tricks that I hope to stick to ALL year round :)

Although...I do need a new teapot now and those ones on Etsy were looking mighty fine.......

LOL! Oh the joys of trying to control each individual, ridiculous habit!! hehe!

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