Thursday, February 28

Phew! What a looong winter it has been!

And a rough one too! I am just realizing, as the weather warms up, and after getting a blog visitor(!) (thank you for the nice comment btw! I love your upbeat blog and jewellery!) that I am not just another unanimous blogger in the vast web-world anymore! Well...Kate, you are not anonymous to me but you're far enough away! lol!

But I thought...especially after looking back on all the previous months' dreary posts... that I better start putting on my positive thinking-hat again. I've just been so engrossed by the whole 'motherhood' and 'working-mom' phase/crunch that I sometimes get caught up in the little things too much (geez, ya think?! hehe) and focus too much on the negative. Sometimes in this crazy world, we all just need know...organized order amongst all the chaos and all the changes...and well this has been my narrowed focus a tee. But I think it's about time that I just embrace those darn changes, eh?! YEAH; I'd say! :)

And actually, it's good timing because I feel like my positive-hat has been on a bit more in the past 2 weeks. I think it's due to the warming up of the weather, my sauna and just being able to get outside and walk to work everyday also. Small changes you know. But Brooklyn loves it too, being on her sleigh during our walk to her babysitter's house :) It's nice that, even with all my b*tching about this town being so isolated, that this small town is so convenient in that I can just drop her off on my walk to work! Short distance, no sweat!

So, in essence, it's been a 'nice' yet intense visit with my 'dreary cap'; but I think it's time to move on and change it up a a positive way. For a little bit longer anyways...

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