Tuesday, February 12

I'm a blogger!

hehe! Wow, I've been posting quite a bit lately...but it's good. It helps in getting all the crap out in the open! lol!

Well...*sniff sniff*. Still no sauna. Can't find a god-forsaken electician in this god-forsaken town! Arghhh! Did I mention this already?! Well whatever! Poo...! Poo on you, small-town!

See...I'm getting all the crap out. hehe :)

And it's cold again...yesterday was actually quite nice, a little break from the arctic chill. It was only -25 or so...a much nicer and well-needed break from the -40's! But again today is -35 or so with the god-forsaken wind chill! I don't think it's ever been so god-forsakenly windy and chilly here! What's up with that?!

Anyhoo, the weather forecast is looking up on the weekend with smeltering temperatures of -14/-17c!!! Woohooo!! Heat wave a cometh! heheh! But we'll see how that goes...I never trust Environment Canada's god-forsaken forecasts!

And yes I know what you're thinking...."god-forsaken" IS the new word/phrase of the day. Dint'cha know?! ;)

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