Monday, February 11


Oh the glorious sun is rising much, much earlier and setting much later too!! Longer daytime hours, in the north, makes a HUUGE difference with this current god-forsaken cold weather! The darkness is leaving us! Yah! hehe! Meaning spring is soon to arrive!!

Still no sauna. And I ate like crap on the weekend. Oh well, things start over today, one day at a time...nothing new there.

I'm going for a run today because it feels good. I'm combining my runs with incline walking too, after each run, which seems to help things along and make things more interesting on my treadmill in my dreary, empty basement. I can't wait until it warms up outside so I can take Brooklyn out walking around! Oohh I can feel spring is on its way!! hehe!

...Oi, have I got spring fever, or what?! haha!

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