Friday, February 8


Nothing. At all. No sauna, no warmer temperatures and no weight loss!! ARGHHHHHHHH!!!

First problem, no sauna; the electrician we had lined up cancelled on us and so now we are left to find someone else and beg for mercy that they are available! Piss me off!!

Second problem, no warmer temperatures; the temperature has warmed up, yes to -31c (yippee) but with the wind chill it is actually a balmy -45c out there!! Fuuuuck!

Third and most irritating problem of all, no weight loss; no none. zero...actually not zero but +1.5 pounds! Fuck me*. Hard.

*Please note: this is not literal of course...this is something I say when I'm SUPER califragilisticespialadociously pissed off.


kate said...

Absofuckinlutely!! ;-)

Vita said...

hahah!! PERFECT response Kate!! LOL