Tuesday, August 12

Hamster overload!

My husband so graciously, one day a week ago, showed our 2 yr old daughter this video of the "Hamster Dance" song on youtube...

Well, now that is all she asks for!! Driving home from daycare; walking to Mamere and Papere's house (grandparents); and/or eating supper it's: "Mamma, hamsta song, hamsta song!! Pleeeeeease," while tiliting her head sideways, smiling, batting her eyelashes and pleading with me with those innocent, manipulating and beautiful 2 yr old hazelnut-cream eyes at me (snap out of it mommie!).

Honestly, where does she get this from?!

Listening to this little video/song drives me completely BONKERS! I'd like to ram this little rodent with my broomstick! Ahh, shad-up!

But anyways, here it is for you to go crazy over...make sure you play it over and over and over and over and over and....

And hey. You could play it while doing the housechores! Right-o then! ;0)

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