Tuesday, August 19

Living downstream from a poisoned playground...

Look at this fish closely...YES, you are seeing right. It's got 2 mouths....!

I live directly downstream from this. Just 100km north of all those people in Fort Chip with all the recent and rare cancers. I've heard of fish having 2 tails, 2 sets of eyes etc.; different mutations than this one...

Please remember: so many people around here still live traditional lifestyles and hunt and fish in these land and waters ALL the time! For food!

This may all seem like it's coming straight out of a Simpson's cartoon, but unfortunately for us, it's real life up here. And not from mining and operating nuclear power, but from mining the oil sands of northern Alberta.

So. This is what our government is up to around here...mining our lands for the last drop of oil. All the while poisoning the people and the environment. For money.

I guess some people and some governments really do whatever it takes for a bit of cold, hard cash. I just never thought that my own government, Canada's government, would ever stoop so blindly and so low, to this level of blatant carelessness.

And then turning a blind eye to it.
That's the worst possible criminal behaviour of all.

It's just SO sad that our government cannot see the light on this issue. Instead they only see the dollar signs...and in 10 years, when the oil has run out and the people are left to attempt to heal their cancer-riddened health and to reclaim the vast destruction of their backyard land from mining these oil sands...it will SO not be worth it.

It already isn't...for proof of that, just "Google" about all the rare cancers coming about in the extremely small population of Fort Chip (that is NOT normal!).

This topic up here is a HUGE controversy but the Alberta government is large and in charge...and the Feds are either in cahoots with that provincial government or they don't have the balls to shut it down (or to even slow it down). But most likely all of the above...

How is this happening?! How will I explain to my children about what is happening to them, to their family, to their friends, to their land?? Because we are all being affected. And how will I explain that the government just doesn't care about us!? But nothing new around here I guess. Very sad situation indeed.

And where are our proper government leaders when you need them?!

How many mutated animals do we have to show, how many gallons of freshwater do they have to take away from us only to return it back into the watershed system that is laden with toxins and poisons, how many acres of land do they have to rape and pillage and how many people have to die before something RIGHT and RESPONSIBLE gets done?!

Where has our responsible government gone???

The only fight is with the good people now...the people who are directly affected...and those that care about them. To spread the word around about these toxins flowing directly into our system by industry and government who are bedding together. And to create a ruckus. How else are we supposed to get through to our nonsensicle government??

Educate yourself.
And speak out loud.
Sometimes it is the only way to be heard.

The link to this fish mutation and national news story: http://www.cbc.ca/canada/edmonton/story/2008/08/18/chip-fish.html

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