Tuesday, August 12

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From July 21, 2008

I am thinking that maybe this site (NBBC) may be good for me to start journaling my weight loss and everyday stresses which usually affect my weight loss. Or lack thereof. Just because I know, that even in plateau mode, that I cannot give up and journaling may help me overcome the lows of getting healthier.

So I guess this is my first journal entry...I've currently gone from 200 to 167.5 lbs since having a baby. Not bad but my daughter is now 22 months (almost 2) so am really in serious mode as I haven't even got to my pre-preggo weight yet (155).

Regardless, my current and short term goal, since I am mainly a calorie counter, is to NOT have a 'cheat day' for the next 4 weeks (or 27 days when the local festival is here aka as 'girls nite out' for me). I really want to do good. I made it to 25 days in May/June and then things kinda went awry after struggling with the weigh scale (how do you say plateau) and I've let myself 'slip up' for the last few weekends. But I recognize that, and in the meantime am working out 5 days a week at the gym now which has really been helping me.

However, another issue is that I've been sick with a cold going on 3 weeks now and am starting to wonder how to increase my immune system levels (since I've been sick, oh, about 8 or 9 times this year already). So am thinking of buying some echinacea to add on top of my regular daily (well most days) vitamin. I'm just so sick of being sick!

So goals:

1) Get some echinacea or immune system booster.

2) DO NOT have a cheat day for 27 days (until Aug. 15). Which means staying within my calorie range of 1200-1600.

Wish me luck!

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