Monday, August 11


Frick, it's been forever since I've used this thing! I actually just started using the NBBC blog thingy but have since found out that you can link these two sites together so maybe I'll have to start doing that...?!

What's new lately? Not much...still trying to get a smaller ass! Somewhat succeeding too if it weren't for blasted holidays and sugar binging. Oh well, my regular workouts have done wonders for 'eating up' that extra sugar so I didn't gain as much as I thought I would. Yay. Now back to the ol' grind on trying to work it off. Once and for all. 

We're also on a savings kick. We've decided to up our RRSP's and buy things that we have money more blatant credit card use. I'm on a diet in that department too, it no more "cha-ching!" 

Gawd I miss that sound already...*sigh*

What the hell just happened to my font???!!! Oh well...I can't fix it, it's not working but it's oddly kinda appropriate.

Anyhoo, so I guess I'll be richer when I'm older, so that is nice too.
I'll just have to wait 30 years to be able to hear that sound again!

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