Friday, March 27

19 reasons...

So I just asked one of my Profs today
if I could take the last exam for that class 
on an earlier date.

The original date is scheduled for April 15.
And I am done everything else,
so I really, just really, 
want to be on the road on that date
and eating jelly beans, chocolate 
and coffee keeping my brain thingies alert 
during my dreaded, yet exuberant 
17 hour drive HOME!

I gave him the regular reasons 
of which you are all aware of by now ;)

Hopefully he says YES 
and does not ask me an endless 
20 more questions...
Otherwise, I will have to give him 
an endless bout of 19 more reasons!!
Because, Lord knows, I have that much 
and plenty more and am desperate 
to GO HOME!!!

So cross your fingers for me
that he says YES...

1 comment:

Sunny Rising Leather said...

fingers and toes crossed!!!! :)