Saturday, March 21

Great positive things!!

25 things I am grateful for!!!

1. My daughter!!! She's the cutest, most beautiful and cuddliest little girl in the world!!! :)
2. My hubby!! He's the BESTEST EVER!!! HANDS down!
3. My family: they support and love me till no end!
4. My matter how far away I get and how much I complain about it, it's always, always nice to go back home. It will be hard to leave if we ever move...especially now raising a child there.
5. My friends; they ALWAYS welcome me back as though I haven't even left!
6. For my country, CANADA! BEST country in the world!!!! I am so lucky to have been raised in this great northern country of ours! Eh!
7. For my job; in this economy, I am VERY grateful that I do have my job to go back to after school. And it's a great and meaningful opportunity to!
8. Great and caring people who pay it forward. Makes me feel full of hope and that people are good after all!
9. Common courtesy and good manners in young people...and respecting your elders philosophy. This still exists...thank God!! I will be instilling it in my children.
10. Common sense!!! I need not say more except, AMEN!
11. Voting/democracy.
12. Dancing and music! We take many things for granted in this country.
13. Jewellery, especially rings!!! I have welcomed my new love affair with jewellery in the last few years and I've never looked so fashionable! hehe
14. Chocolate! Mmmmmmmmm.....lately it's been Laura Secord's mint chocolate squares!!! oooooh Heaven!! 
15. Coffee!!! Oh, good Lord, I could not live without this valuable and delicious commodity!!! Latte's are EXTRA good too!!! YUM!
16. My health! Yeah, I'm doing it!
17. Higher education (although I wish it was like many Scandinavian countries and FREE!); I am able to expand my horizons and learn more about what I LOVE!
18. For the gift of travel: I LOVE seeing the world in a different light and experiencing other cultures!! I'm ALWAYS amazed!
19. Oceans: what a wonderful thing!!! I am so peaceful when I have ever been near it (only a few times in my life and only swam in it near Hawaii and omg, it is EVER salty!). 
20. Mountains: I will live near the mountains one day...with my first ever glimpse at the mountains when I was younger, I felt them. They are at the centre of my being.
21. Technology: Phew! What would I do without the internet and my palm pilot?!!
22. Again, my daughter and my husband...they are making me a better person every single day and I want to pay them back by giving them all my heart!!!
23. Compassion and empathy: what would humans do without such feelings?
24. Etsy!!! Need I say more about THAT?!!
25. Life. It is precious.


Kate said...


Love this list! I should go and make my own :-)

Vita said...

awww Kate! You are a super, duper sweetheart!! Miss you lots and lots!! xoxox