Friday, March 13

The lifestyle change...

I just read another blogger's post about dieting and losing weight 
and, ohhh, how I can relate!!

Now that I think about it, 
I think that main reason why 
I actually started this whole blog 
was to create an outlet for me and help me keep track of myself 
while losing weight after my first pregnancy
(and also as an outlet for being a new mom!)

You see, I had just lost 45lbs, 
for the first time ever, 
just prior to becoming pregnant 
(Since adolescence, I've always pretty much been overweight and chubby)
And well.
This blog, has since, 
turned into a shopping spotlight...
Which isn't so bad, I do admit, hehe!
(quite delightful actually, heheh)
But I do realize this is one of my side effects 
due to losing the weight...
And dealing with emotions that I used to eat away, 
are now being bought away.
From one vice to the next, right?!
That is an on-going issue for me 
but atleast I know it's workable 
(as it all is)
and that I am aware of it.

So, on with those thoughts, 
I thought I would give an update on how my weight loss has been going. 
I'm happy to report that I've lost 20lbs since July08.
It's been a rough round 
of working out 5-6 days in the gym
and learning how to cut sugar out
and include MORE food!!!
(read my Eating Clean link for details; 
you do NOT go hungry with this way of eating/lifestyle)

You see, after 6 months of basically starving myself 
of sufficient food quantities last year 
(darn New Year's resolutions!!!)
I was trying SOOO hard in this way but
consequently not losing ONE SINGLE POUND!!! 
I did this for 6 MONTHS!!!
And I couldn't figure out why 
I could NOT lose a single, blasted pound!
(Don't ever do this! It doesn't work!! 
And it's miserable, miserable! PLEASE EAT FOOD!!!!
Just choose healthier foods!!!) 
Thank the Lord for my fitness training sister
who told me straight up
(when I was finally desperate enough to set my pride aside and ask for her advice)
that I wasn't eating enough food
for a normal body to function!!

So anyhow, with her help and my dedication,
I've lost a total of 45lbs in 2.5 years. 
And I'm pretty proud of myself.
I'm currently back to what I was prior to pregnancy.
I still have 20 more pounds to go
but I've come to realize that slow and steady wins the race! 

Anyhow, it's been a long and difficult road.
Years worth of trying and finding out 
what does and doesn't work for me.
But it takes practice.
And perseverance.
LOTS of perseverance.
The keep-trying-and-don't-give-up kind!
 But it does get easier over time.
I still get my little daily treats (mmm, chocolate!)
Just not in as big amounts.
Moderation is a really good tool to practice.
It's my saviour really.
But it still takes lots of hard work.
I have to REALLY watch for when I go back home,
that I don't get too relaxed and splurge on the food stuffs.

Well, I just keep hoping that all of these tools that I've learnt
will stick around for our next planned bundle of joy.
That is my big fear now...
That I will gain it all back again for the next time around.
That is just silly, I know.

I know I can do it.
I really want to be healthy 
and raise a healthy family.
And I think that is all that matters...
I think that is my new mantra.


susie said...

Thank you. I just came to terms with the fact this week that I weigh 20 more pounds today than I did the day I came home with my little Lu. I am inspired. Today I am healthy. Tomorrow I will do the best I can. I will not waste another moment beating myself up over my weight. I have 75 pounds to lose, but it is doable. You look great - at least jewerly has no calories, and you have heirlooms to can cherish forever. I'm off to check out the clean eating link and maybe take the kids out for a bike ride. Have a good one! (sorry about the world's longest comment). P.O. Your girl is adorable, I'm happy you will be home soon - I hope the next several weeks fly by for you.

Vita said...

Thanks Susie! You can do this!!! I have faith in you! :)