Friday, March 27

Turquoise posts.

So I have been searching for 
turquoise stone post earrings all over the place
after someone swiped 
(yeah I'm sure they even know or care, right?! hehe) 
my fave ones on Etsy
that I obviously waited 
too long to decide to buy...

I even resorted to ebay...(ughhhh!).
But (thankfully?) they didn't ship 
to Canada (of course, right!).

I just need some really, really pretty ones =)

PS - I forgot to mention that part of this difficulty 
stems from the fact that I bought a cute pair 
of handmade turquoise earrings 
in a little store in the mall yesterday
and ended up coming home without them! 
What is wrong with me?!!
I NEVER lose things!

1 comment:

susie said...

Counting down with you!

The turquoise was not meant to be. What size/color turquoise were you looking for? Good luck in your hunt, and good luck with that professor.