Friday, March 20

Interesting things....

I have many interesting things on my mind lately...some of which should not bare merit or even be worthy of my valuable time or well-needed brain energy thingies. But of course, some of which, should. (like my research projects, per say)

I will not go into specifics because, Lord knows, I'm a roller coaster of emotions lately and am probably just rolling around in the frustrations further because of it (think of a dog rolling around in a buffalo's doo-doo, gross I know, but my brother's dog does this ALL the time). And probably has something to do with the lack of sleep that I've been getting due to my first-ever insomniacal life experiences no doubt from the fact that my heart is aching over being away from my child. Oh. And also perhaps due to the frequent, very disturbing and never-ending, noise-till-the-early-hours-in-the-morning, LOUD interruptions (you don't say!).....


In spite of trying to remain positive and kind and open-minded...
I sometimes just don't understand people. 
And how they can be so disrespectful.
I could go further into serious issues of scandal and misconduct...
With finally getting a decent sleep last nite (~5 hrs).
I won't.
But I just wanna say...
That sometimes:

I just DON'T GET IT. 

I guess that is a good thing too sometimes.
(Less brain energy thingies to be killed)


So, aside from this rather useless post (with very well hidden complaints, I might add!)....

Here is to reminding myself of peace-of-mind and loving others in spite of their differences because you never know what their real life circumstances might be. And finally and most importantly to saving some brain energy thingies for my 17 hour drive back home in 26 DAYS!!! 


Now back to the endless projects.  
(Which I will proudly do MYSELF.)

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