Thursday, March 19


Just when I feel like I'm getting ahead...
I find out that I have to write an unexpected paper....
Fun times will be had by all....
Except me, of course.
So much for my weekend.
Oh wait.
I haven't had a 'weekend' in months!!
Wow, this whole grad school thing isn't all it's cracked up to be.
(I honestly want to scream. 
But I won't.
Because that would just be weird...)
Must. Finish. School. Quickly.
Life awaits...

Oh life, hurry up and begin again!
Pretty pleeeeease!

Ok, that's enough whining from me!!

Collage Time... :)

My silly willies:
(Rusty never quite grew into his tongue 
and Lady suffers for it everyday while 
he "chews" or suckles (??)  on her poor ears)

My two favourite people in the whole wide world:

Ohhh, she loves her Shrek!
And Daddy cut her bangs!!
He did a GREAT job, didn't he?! 
Such a multi-talented guy!
Such a beautiful little girl!

And why is it that all daddies want to 
give their children mo-hawks?! LOL :)

My lovely girl :)
That smile/face brightens up my day!

Wow, I'm even missing my 
mumma and papa!
(back during his experimental beard stage)


susie said...

Too, too cute! You will be home soon. What day is the count down on today?

P.S. Go ahead and scream, I won't think you are weird.

Vita said...

Thanks susie! Today is still 4 weeks...haha...sometimes I get a bit ahead of myself (it's been 4 weeks for DAYS now!! ugh!!). Deep inside I am screaming! lol