Monday, March 23

Houston, WE HAVE LIFT OFF!!!!

I'm so happy, I could just BURST!
This morning, I just got approved 
for my RESEARCH TOPIC/THESIS!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally, after 3 years of coming up 
with numerous ideas that never panned out.
Now I have something concrete to work towards 
for my final masters degree paper!!
The light at the end of the tunnel!!!

It's a very cool topic too!
Although DO NOT be alarmed when I mention it...
It's strictly wildlife related.

I will be modeling and mapping the natural distribution of 
bovine (bison, cattle, deer etc) anthrax in Canada.
I live right beside Wood Buffalo National Park, 
the world's second largest national park, 
and so anthrax in the free-roaming 
bison herds that live there
has always been a concern.
It's all related to the soil because the bacteria (b. anthracis)
are able to lie dormant in certain soils 
until favourable conditions 
(such as increases in soil moisture)
and when hooved animals breathe the spores in.

Anyhow, I will be contributing to a relatively new field of study 
called Spatial Epidemiology!!!
It may sound like a crazy topic, 
but I'm FLIPPIN' excited!!!!

I feel like I'm 23 years old again!!!! ;)
(I'll give whoever, brownie points if you've notice what I'm doing)

In any case, now for some showing off of some new jewels:

A lovely, feminine neck charmer from Jillian.
It goes with ANYTHING!

Two rings (on left) from Jessi and 
a feather ring AND necklace from Allison!!!
LOVE them all!

And holy good GOSH, 
this necklace made by Emily is a KNOCK OUT!!!
It knocked me right out with it's FABULOUSNESS!!!

And to that end,
I am going to celebrate my current success  
with a nice glass of wine!


EmeliaRo said...

AH! I JUST put it together... counting down the days till you go home and incorporating the number in each post???

susie said...

I am so happy that you are excited by the work you do - and that you will be home in 22 short days now. Love the jewels - and that wine does't look so bad either. Take care.

Kate said...

For me its very obvious what you're doing and I really like the idea :-)
And now --- BROWNIES for everyone!!!

You look superpretty and supersuperslim btw!!


Kate said...

Oh and congrats to the research topic! This must be so cool to see the end of the loooong tunnel :-)