Sunday, March 15


32 more days to go!!


Here is what I have left:

- do a quick project for work (this will help me pay some bills!)
- 1 lab project to finish
-1 lab paper
- 1 statistics research project to do
- 1 stats paper
- 1 stats presentation
- 1 remote sensing research project
- 1 remote sensing paper
- 1 remote sensing presentation
- and 1 exam (boohoo for exams!)!!

I am soooooooooooo glad that my list 
has dwindled down QUITE considerably!!!

Now for some pics!

Here is my lil' Buddha in her petite, little size 2 parka (last winter).
Cute as a button!
Dontcha just wanna squeeze her cheeks!? =)

The daily heartbreak:
My little girl has been asking this week 
"where is my mommy?"


Elaine said...

Your little one looks adorable in that jacket!

Sounds like you will have a busy last few weeks-- before you know it, you will be done and back home!

Sunny Rising Leather said...

You can do it, Vita!!!! I hope your last few weeks there are full of blessings and wonder and a strong sense of kick-ass-ness.

EmeliaRo said...

You're in the HOME STRETCH!!!! I notice you only have ONE of each of those things to complete before you're done! KEEP TRUCKIN!!!!!

PS I have GOT to know where you got that ladybug carseat... is it just a cover? One of my little women is a ladybug lover :)

Vita said...

Thanks ladies!!!! I'm soooo freakin' excited to go home, even though it's a WHOLE month away!! hahah! It does feel like the homestretch and, yes, I'm gonna kick some serious butt!! LOL :D

Emily: I got the ladybug (4 or 3 in 1) car seat (not a cover) from online seeing as that is where we have to do most of our shopping in my tiny little town with only 2 stores... *sigh*
But it's cute, huh! I'm not sure what brand it is...if you really want to know, I can ask my hubby to go check ;)

EmeliaRo said...

Thanks! No prob, he doesn't have to check. I'll go do some hunting :)
I'm actually really glad to hear you bought it online and not in some exclusive, one-of-a-kind shop up in Canada!!!